Big Flats Rivet Company - Specializing in original style rivets for the antique car hobby since 1980. “Specializing in authentic rivets for vintage cars” has always been our motto.

Hershey 2019 for the Big Flats Rivet Co.  C4J 28-32


This year we will hopefully be doing Hershey the way we planned to last year, 2018.


We will not be bring the inventory we have in the past.


We will accept orders, phone, mail, and internet, to be picked up at Hershey if we get them by October 4th. Come by and say hello and get your stuff.


If you know what you want, give us an order at Hershey and we will ship it free, domestically only.


As always, we will have new catalogs to give out.


We thoroughly enjoy visiting with old friends and new and being able to put a face with a name, I guess that’s really what it’s all about! Tech support will always be free.


Since the early 1980s, I have spent a lot of time in September updating the catalog and putting together kits for Model As and Ts. Then I would bring most of our inventory from our basement and load our truck. Then it would all be reversed when we returned home. A lot of work. The last 10 years or so I have tracked what I sell at Hershey. Kits are way down, individual rivets are up.


Last year we scaled back somewhat.  I put a scrap of paper in each pan of rivets in 2016. When I sold a rivet out of that pan I would remove the paper. If the scrap of paper was still there when we got home, none of those rivets were sold and in 2017 that rivet stayed home.


Other things as well have changed since 1980.


The internet! A very large percentage of my sales now come from our website. I get very few envelopes with orders and checks. That was the norm in the ‘80s and ‘90s.


I honestly don’t think the average “old car guy” restores cars anymore, a shop does it. That’s ok I sell to lots and lots of shops.


When we started we primary catered to Fords. That has changed as well. I still know more about Fords but our customers restore everything!


Overall sales have remained steady but 2017’s Hershey sales were not worth the effort.


Oh, “The Rivet Guy” is 39 years older than he was in 1980.


Thanks for all the support,


Jim Dix

Aka, The Rivet Guy





The items in this catalog are in stock to the best of our knowledge at the time if its printing.


Some items are in limited supply and may not be restocked. We reserve the right to substitute

for items not in stock.


Special orders must be either prepaid or COD and cannot be returned. Minimum order may vary.

  • C. O. D. phone orders accepted daily from 9:00 AM until 9:00 PM Eastern Time and on the Internet 24/7.

  • Ordering with Big Flats Rivet has never been easier. All major credit cards and checking account transfers are provided through PayPal services.

  • No collect calls please. Fax line open 24 hours / day. Orders shipped FedEx, UPS or First Class Mail.

  • Sales tax: New York orders please add appropriate sales tax.

  • LIABILITY: Neither dealer or manufacturer shall be liable for any loss, injury or damage arising from use of any product in this catalog

  • User of said products assumes all risks and liabilities.

  • We may have limited quantities of some items.

  • Please use order form included or put name and address on order.

  • Please indicate if delivery address is a residence (UPS purposes). We ship via mail to Canada.

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